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8A Unit4 Main task教案  

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水泗初级中学 八    年级  英语 学科教学案

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8A Unit4  Main task


2010年     月       日




第 9 课时







1.Vocabulary: peaceful, female, mice ,upright , daytime.

2.Writing: To write a report·


1. To present factual information on a report.

2. To produce a report using information obtained from research.

3. To express opinions about wild animals in danger


How to treat the endangered animals and how to take the actions to

protect them

【重点】1. Key Points: To master the important sentences and phrases.

【难点】2. Difficult Point: To present factual information on a report


1 Preview the passage on Page 71

2 Read and understand

3.. Write a report


Step 1 Free-talk:

T: What’s the weather like today ?  .etc.

Step 2: revision:

    1.Revise what we have learned last class and check the homework .

    2.Make some sentences with these phrases(we can choose some of them.)

  peaceful animals,                    live in family groups,

continue to build roads,              have suitable homes,

make new farmland,                  make a lot of money,

sell elephants’ tusks,                 train sb,

buy clothes made of animal fur,        look lovely on me,

lose one’s life,                        someone else,

Step 3 : Presentation

Part A:  

Task 1   Talk to Ss about the purpose of writing reports. Elicit from

the different reports. Explain that in reports, we do not normally say

‘I feel…’ or ‘I like…’ and do not include personal comments

Task 2   Read the title of the report in Part A. Create an interest in the

 topic by asking*

what have you learnt about giant panda in this unit?

 Task 3 Ask students to skim through the report quickly and give

 each paragraph a question.

      Where do giant pandas live?(Paragraph 1 )

      What do they eat?( Paragraph 2)

      How many babies does a mother panda have at a time?

(Paragraph 3 )

    Why is the number of the giant pandas becoming

smaller and smaller? (Paragraph 4 )

What shall we do to protect them? (Paragraph 5 )

Task 4 Listening :

       Play the tape for the whole class to get the main information.
















Part B&C:

Task 1. Ask them to read Part B.

Task 2 :Ss complete Simon’s report in Part C on their own. Ask more

 able Ss to read it aloud to check the answers.

 Step 4 :  Present Language points:

     Spend a lot of time doing sth, at a time, sharp paws,   walk upright

get smaller and smaller,  become farmlands,

     keep taking the land, what action can the club take?

  (** In the section , T can ask some abled Ss to make some sentences themselves.)

Step 5 Writing:


Step 6 If time permits do exercises(随堂练习) and check i


1. Learn the language points by heart and finish the exercises on workbook;

2. Preview the check out Part.












Name---------------------Class--------------------                   Marks--------


1.A t the ________(begin), he knew little about animals.

2.The zebra is very            ( peace ).  

3.My grandfather wants to live in a place which is _________ (peace) than here.

4.He dreams of having a ____________(suit) home.

5.Hundreds of people lost their___________(life) in the earthquake.

6.People can use tigers’ bones to make __________(medical)

7.           ( hunt ) can’t kill the wild animals any more .  

8.When did Xi Wang start to look after          ( she ) ?    

9.Do wolves spend a lot of time           ( look ) for food every day?

10.If    ( many ) people know about the problems , then maybe they will do something. 

11.A:  Can I eat          food.  B:  No, If you eat it , I won’t talk to         .( you ) 

12.Male ________ (wolf) will protect their families if there is danger.

13.There are many yellow ______(leaf) in autumn.
14.Most people feel ______(frighten) when they see snakes.
15.I am ______ in the places of ________ because they are very ________ (interest)

16.He became _______(interest) in science.

17.Who writes _______ (careful) of the three?

18.She didn’t go to school today. Because she wasn’t _______ (her) today.

19.There are fewer ______ (wolf) in the world than before.

20.It’s _______ (danger) for the children to play with fire.

21.The workers were very tired and they stopped ________ (have) a rest.


1.They will live in family ______(组/群) and hunt together if they live in the wild.

2.If farmers ______(继续)to make new farmland, wild animals won’t get enough food.

3.It’s said that ___________(长颈鹿)are the tallest animals on land.

4.These swim suits are those            (游泳者).Please take care of them.

5.You can know the weight of the apples after            (称重量) it.

6.His father is one of the best            (编辑) in that press.

7.Children under 1.2m in            (高度) can’t go into the cinema by themselves.

8.The girl has a            (微笑的) face.

9.We            (邀请) them to our meeting yesterday.

10..            (老鼠)can be seen everywhere in the old room.

11.I’m very _____________(口渴). Give me a cup of water please.

12.The bear will__________(攻击)anyone if they think they are in danger

13.Whale have________________(尖的)teeth. They can eat up a person in a minute.

14.We __________(卖)out all the books on the shelf yesterday.

15.Daniel pass the ________(考试)at last with his help.

16.We are writing to you about ___________(保护) wild animals.

17.Wolves have very good eyesight, _________(听力) and smell.

18.His job is            (喂)animals.

19.She likes reading            (广告).


1.F_______grow rice and vegetables on the farm.

2.He was a h___________. He hunted animals for their fur and meat

3.It’s too cold o________________. Please come in.

4.The l___________on the trees begin to turn yellow in autumn.

5.T___________hair makes the bears keep warm.

6.As a good teacher, we should e________Ss to work narder.

7.This book is very interesting and s___________well.

8.Cats are p__________animals and never make loud noise.

9.The twins didn’t go to sleep u____________10:00pm.

10.Wild  animals will a________people if they are in danger.



Dear Alice:

  I’m from San Diego in Canifornia. I’m twelve years old. Magda is my twin sister. It’s very strange—Magda and I are twins, but we are very different. I’m outgoing and Magda is quiet.

 My favourite sport is  basketball. And I’m on the schoolteam. Magda likes reading. Sheoften goes to the library to borrow storybooks. My favourite subjects are geography and science. Magda prefers English and history.

Our parents are from Poland. My dad is called Stan. He is forty-two. He is a doctor in San Diego. He likes collecting stamps. So far he has collected about two thousands stamps. My mum is called Ewa and she is three years younger than my dad. She teaches English in a high school. She often listens to music. I have a happy family. What about you?

Write to me soon.


A  ___3___

Listening to music

12 years old

A student






42 years old



A doctor








Playing basketball


For many years, scientists have been making better computers. Now a c________ can do a lot of everyday jobs wonderfully. It is widely used in f_________, hospitals and banks. A computer can report decide and control(控制) in almost every field. Many computer scientists are now thinking of making the computer  “think” l_______a man. W______the help of a person, a computer can draw pictures,write musics,talk with people, translate(翻译) l__________and so on. P_________one day computers can r_________think and feel. Do you think that people will be a__________when they find that the computers are too c_________to listen to and serve(服务于) the  p_________



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