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8A Unit3 A day out----Grammar 1教案  

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水泗初级中学 八    年级  英语 学科教学案

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8A Unit3 A day out


2010年     月       日




第 5 课时






能力目标:1学会使用and  .but和or将意思连接起来



词汇:sunset, possible

词组:go horse riding


Step 1: Grammar A : using‘and, but or or’

1.        朗读下面的句子,讨论‘and, but, or’这三个连词的用法

1)The sky was blue and everything was beautiful.

The music was great and Kitty wanted to join in the dancing.

2) It was a great day but we didn’t enjoy it at the beginning.

They’re small but wonderful.

3) Linda’s mother can look at Linda’s photo on daniel’s home page or Linda

can show her mother photos when she goes home.

  We can watch TV or play basketball on Sunday afternoon.

and: join ideas that are similar相似的

but : join ideas that are different

or :  join possibilities “可能” or options”选择”


( C  ) 1. There goes the bell, hurry up, _______ you’ll be late for class.   (2005.南京)

      A. and       B. that       C. or       D. but

(  D ) 2. The dress fits me well, _______ I don’t want to buy it because it’s too

expensive.                                      (2006.南京)

      A. so        B. and        C. or       D.but

(  D ) 3. Richy caught a bad old yesterday, _______ he had to stay at home. (2007.南京)

      A. because   B. but        C. or        D. so

2. 读P45 句子,讨论用‘and, but, or’连接两个句子时的注意点

1)当两个句子的主语不相同时,用‘and, but, or’直接连接两个句子。




★sunset  watch the sunset 看日落

  possible  That’s not possible. 那是不可能的。

Step 2:Grammar B: Using verbs + ‘to’-inifinitives(动词不定式)

1.   朗读下列句子,说出动词不定式 “to do” 在句中所充当的句子成份。

1)   Kitty is preparing to go out next Sunday.

2)   Kitty plans to take Linda out.

3)   Linda wanted to visit the park.

4)   Sandy agrees to go with them.

5)   Millie decided to stay at home.

归纳:“to do” 用在动词后做 动词宾语 。

可以作以下动词的宾语prepare, hope, want, need, help, learn, decide, agree,

plan, fail, choose, stop, begin/start, try, forget, remember, like/love/dislike/hate/

would like to do sth.

I hope to hear from you  (收到你的来信)soon.。

I  learned/learnt to ride(学会骑自行车)at the age of 10.

2. 完成P48练习,核对讲解。

Step 3:Grammar B “to do”用法延伸。

1.   动词不定式可以作以下动词的宾语补足语want, agree, need, tell, ask,invite,

2.   advise,wish,teach,would like sb. to do sth.

例如:My parents ask me to listen to the teachers at shool.


      I need you to help me. 我需要你帮助我。

My mother wants me to be a doctor(想要我当医生)in the future.


a) To do sth. is adj. = It is adj. to do sth. (adj.: ready, glad, able, excited, sorry,


例如:It’s great to sing for people. 给人们唱歌是很好的。

      It’s excited to see each other again (彼此再见面).

b) It takes sb. some time to do sth. (it是形式主语,to do sth.为真正的宾语)

例如:It took me 15 minutes to work out the maths problem.


      It takes my mother 3 hours to do housework (做家务) every day.

3.否定式:not to do sth.  

例如:My father tells me not to tell lies. 爸爸叫我不要撒谎。

      I decide not to go to the supermarket(决定不去超市了).


( D  )Our maths teacher always tells us _____ make the same 

mistakes again. (2005.南京)

    A. don’t      B. not    C. to not      D. not to

4.特殊疑问式:how/when/where + to do sth., what to do

例如:Can you tell me how to get to the cinema?


      I don’t know what to do(该干什么)next.


make/ let + sb. + do sth. 使某人干某事

see/watch/hear/listen to + sb. + do sth. 看见/听见某人干某事

(see/watch/hear/listen to +sb. +doing sth.) 看见/听见某人正在干某事

help sb. do /to do sth.帮助某人干某事

例如:He often tells jokes and makes us laugh.他经常讲笑话使我们发笑。

      I often hear him sing in the next room. 我经常听见他在隔壁唱歌。

      I see Jack run to school(跑步上学)every day.


( D  )1.Colours can change our moods and make us _____ happy or sad,

energenic or sleepy.                         (2006.南京)

A. to feel      B. feeling    C. felt      D. feel

( C  )2. --- How do you know that she likes singing?  

       --- I often hear her______ after class.          (2006.南通)

     A. to sing      B. sang     C. sing     D. sings


  be able to do sth./be ready to sth./try one’s best to do sth.

/be willing to do sth./have to do sth./It’s time to do sth.





Name---------------------           Class--------------------                              Marks----------------------



1. I’d like             (make) a home page.

2. All of us hoped              (see) the sunset.

3. They agreed             (have) a Chinese lesson every week.

4. He decided              (leave) this city tomorrow.

5. I hope                (not meet) the man again.

6. When the teacher comes, please stop              (talk)             (read) English..

7. He teaches himself               (play) computer games.

8. Mum wants me            (get) up early in the morning.

9. He invited me                 (go) to his birthday party.

10. Mum told his son                   (not spend) too much time watching TV.

11. We watched the boys                  (play) basketball yesterday afternoon.

12. Mother makes me_________________(do) things for myself.

2. 用and, but, or填空。

1) It was raining, _      they went on playing football.

2) It was Sunday _            we needn’t go to school.

3) Hangzhou has many places of interest               many people like to go there for holidays.

4) It is very hot in summer in Hainan ______________ diving there is very exciting.

5) You can visit the Yellow Mountain in spring            autumn.

6) I like Hunan Road in Nanjing _            only for shopping.

7) The West Lake is large _                 beautiful.

8) You can write to me _               call me.

9) I don’t like to play cards_             _ chess.

10) Be careful! _                     you will fall off your bike.


1. go horse riding,

2. plan to take Linda out

3. agree to go with them

4. decide to stay at home

5. hope to watch the sunset

6. at Christmas

7. thank you for doing sth.

8. agree to let me go on the trip

9. Want to sit at the front of the bus

10. That’s not possibl


班级__________ 姓名__________ 得分__________

一、用and, but, or 填空。 (4分)

1.Please come            have a cup of tea with us.

2.She always works hard               she does well in all her subjects.

3.I eat a lot of things,             I still feel hungry.

4.Every weekend, we have a party            have a picnic.

5.You may take this book or that book,              you can take only one book.

6.He never goes to school by bus                by taxi. He always walks.

7.You should bring a map with you in this strange place,              you will lose your way.

8.Which subject do you like better, English                Maths?


1.He decided           ( not leave) this city tomorrow.

2.Father told the boy              (be) quiet.

3.The shopkeeper told the children               (not touch) the glass.

4.We watched them                  (play) football just now.

5.The teacher made me                (clean) the classroom.

6.He often hears his neighbour             (sing) in the morning.

7.I hope              (not meet) the man again.

8.Did the teacher tell you how                    (work) out the problem.

9.Do you need                 (exercise)?

10.It took us two hours             (watch) TV yesterday.

11.It is time for them                (have) lunch.

12.Take care               (not do) this in the sunlight.

三、 选择填空。

(  )1. Thank you for ________ let me ________ on the trip today.

 A. agree to, go        B. agreeing, going    C. agreeing to, go     D. agree, to go ( B  )2. They ________ on a trip to Beijing next Saturday.

A. will plan going      B. are planning to go    C. are planning going   D. will plan to go

(   )3. I don’t like fish ________ beef.

A. and                   B. or                        C. but                    D. else

(  )4.The doctor asked him _________ in bed for three days.

A. to stay               B. not stay                 C. stays                  D. not stays

(   )5. I hope _______________my birthday party next Saturday.

A. to see you at   B. that you can come to    C. Both A and B    D. you to come to




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