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8A Unit1 Vocabulary教案  

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水泗初级中学 八  年级  英语 学科教学案                       班级          学号        姓名             


8A Unit1 Vocabulary


2010年   月   日




第 4  课时






1. To use adjectives to describe people’s physical features

2. To use adjectives to describe general appearance of people


1 To use adjectives to describe general appearance of people

2 To select and use adjectives that are appropriate to describe the appearance of boys and girls.


To make up more sentences talking about one’s appearance


Tall, long legs , small,  short hair, slim, straight, shoulder-length hair









Hair   style(式样)


Hair   length(长度)



1. What does May look like?

2.What does Max look like?  

3.What does Betty look like?





【知识点1】describe  v. 形容, 描述

〖词语联想〗description n. 描写, 描述;   descriptive adj. 叙述的, 描写的



                what happened just now.


This book gives a good                  on the farm.


It is the most          writing I have ever read.

【知识点2】square  n. 正方形, 广场, 平米  adj. 正方形的, 平米的


1)她有一张方形的脸. She has                    .

2)有一支乐队在城中广场演奏.There is a band playing in the town         


3)这个房间大约30平方米.This room is about 30                    .

【知识点3】lovely  adj. 可爱的


Lovely 虽然以-ly结尾, 但它不是副词. 类似由名词加后缀-ly构成的形容词

还有: friendly, likely(可能的), lively(生动活泼的),lonely, motherly(母亲般的)


1) 这狗很可爱, 我很喜欢.The dog is very        and I like it very much.

2)她给了我一个友好的微笑.She gave me a           smile.


Our teacher always makes his class                        .

【知识点4.】good-looking, beautiful, smart, pretty, handsome的区分


1)      good-looking既可以修饰男性又可以修饰女性, 用来形容外表一般性的

“好看”通常只修饰人, 不修饰物, 程度上不如beautiful 和pretty 强烈.

2)      beautiful 意思为 “美丽的” 语气最强, 修饰人时,通常显然女人和小孩,


3)smart指衣帽等是“ 漂亮的, 时髦的”; 也可以指人“聪慧的, 帅的”

4)pretty 意思为“可爱的, 精致的, 吸引人的”。一般用来修饰娇小、妩



5)handsome 只可以修饰人,形容男性时意思为“英俊的”; 形容女性时



(1)那个好看的女孩/男孩是谁?who is that            girl/boy?

(2) 这是我们美丽的学校. This is our           school.

(3)他是一个头脑灵活的学生.He is a                   student.

(4)他穿黑色看上去很帅. He                  in black..

(5)小姑娘和她妈妈一样漂亮. The little girl is               her mother.

(6)这个高个子男孩看上去很英俊.The tall boy                     .




这些形容词分类为: Build(身材):_____________  ______________

                   Height(身高):____________  _____________

 Face:________________  ___________________

      Eyes:______________ _________________



Build: She is__________  Eyes: She has __________eyes.

Face:  She has a ____________face   Hair: She has __________hair.

       (补充:齐肩的 shoulder-length)


        What does she look like?

完成课本 B部分内容找出描述男孩和女孩的不同形容词



eyesight     square     handsome     tall    smiling    strong

Mr Tang, our monitor, is very ______ . He is _____—almost 1.80m tall.

He is thin,but he is______He has a_____face. His_____is very poor So

he needs to wear glasses. Students love him very much because of his

_____ eyes.


Boys: _________   __________  __________  ____________

Girls: _________   __________  __________  ___________


1.My cat ,Mimi looks l_______ ,I like it very much.

2.Many visitors come to Tian’anmen S_______ every day.

3.---I don’t think Liu Dehua is_____(英俊)。 —I really don’t

agree with you.

4.My daughter has a __________(圆的) face like an apple.

5.I’m sure she is just _________ (适合)for the job.  


like     help    look like    with long black hair   make

Mrs Smith is my neighbour. She is a short woman ____1_____. She

works at a big office and meets a lot of people every day. She is

generous and___2____.She is over fifty years old,but she always___3__herself.She__4___a movie star.She___5___ rings,sunglasses,colourful clothes and so on. She thinks the old

people still can be beautiful. People all like her very much..


1.       She is late ______ the meeting because ______ heavy traffic.

2.       Are you ready _______ the coming party?

3.       I don’t like maths. What _______ you?

4.       I want to travel ______ China when I grow ______.

5.       He has a good sense ____ humour and I feel happy _____ him.

6.       He works _____ computer too much ____ night, so he has poor eyesight.

7.       Betty is ready to help anyone _____ need.

8.       When he walks _______ my desk, he often knocks _____ my books or pens.

9.       I’ll vote ______Max because I like funny people.I hope you can think _____

me when seeing my photo.

二. 单项选择

(    )1. Funny jokes can always make us _____ when we are sad.

A. laughing         B. laugh          C. laughed        D. laughs

(    )2. Our English teacher always _______ a smile on her face.

A. wears             B. have            C. has           D. show

(    )3. You will never feel excited ____ happy when you have Green’s lessons.   

  A. and           B. but              C. or     D. as

 (    )4. The trousers I bought here yesterday are a bit too long for me.

Can I change    them for a __________ pair?     

       A. long              B. longer        C. short                 D. shorter

(    )5.Jimmy and Timmy are both 50 kg, that is to say, Jimmy is_____ Timmy.

       A. so heavy as  B. as heavy as C. so heavier as             D. as heavier as

(    ) 6. Helen told me that she had some problems ______ his English learning. ★

          A. on          B. for                      C. in                  D. with


Every  town  in  the  United  States  has  a  post  office .  Some  are 

very  small ,  and  you  may  also  find  them  in  the  corner  of  a 

shop .  Others  are  larger  buildings .  They  are  open  five  days  a 

week  and  on  Saturday  mornings .  From  Monday  through  Friday 

they  are  usually  open  from  8:30 to  4:30 .

If  you  know  how  much  the  postage (邮资)  is  for  your  letter ,

you  can  buy  stamps  at  any  window. In  some  post  offices  you 

can  buy  stamps  from  machines .  Stamps  are  sold  many  different 

prices , from  one  cent (美分)  to  many  dollars .  If  you  are  not 

sure  how  much  postage  is  for  you  letter ,  you  may  ask  the 

man  or  the  woman  in the  post  office  for  help .  he  or  she  will 

give  you  the  stamps  you  need .  If  you  are  sending  your  letter 

far  away ,  you  should  use  airmail  envelopes (航空信封) .  Remember 

that  postage  will  be  more  expensive  for  a  letter  to  be  sent 

outside  the  country.

At  a  post  office  you  can  also  buy  postcards .  A  postcard  is

cheaper  than  a  letter .  Usually  the  price  of  postage  for  a postcard 

is  about  half  that  of  a  letter .  The  postcards  that  you  buy  at 

a post  office  do  not  have  pictures .  However ,also  they  are  not  to 

be  sent  outside  the  country .

Letters  are  an  easy  and  cheap  way  to  keep  in  touch  with 

people  in  many  different  countries .


(     )6.The  passage  tell  us  that  we  can  find ________ easily  in 

the  United States  of  America.

A. post  office s                                         B.large  buildings

C.small  shops                                                 D.different  banks

(     )7.The  post  offices  in  the  United States  are  open _________.

              A.seven  hours  a  day                           B.six  hours  a  day

              C.five  hours  a  day                              D.eight  hours  a  day

(    )8.If  you  are  not  sure  how  much  postage  is  for  your 

letter ,you  can____.

A.  go  and  buy  stamps  from  the  machine  in  the  post  offices and 

a  cheap  postcard  instead  of  your  letter

B.   get  in  touch  with  somebody  you  know  in  the  post  office

C.    ask  the  man  or  the  woman  in  the  post  office  for  help

(     )9.The  price  of  postage  for ________  is  more  expensive.

A.a  beautiful  postcard           B. a  letter  written  on  envelope

       C.a  letter  by  airmail          D.a  postcard  with  pictures

(     )10.The  passage  tells  us  something  about ______in  the  USA

              A.the  post      B.the  postage      C.letters      D.postcards



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