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8A Unit1 Integrated skills教案  

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水泗初级中学 八 年级 英语学科教学案

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8A Unit1 Integrated skills


2010年   月   日




第 7  课时






1. To listen for and identify specific information。

2. To understand the people of his/her future and find out why they want  to have the plan


To respond to written text and information got from listening    


To select proper information or details,to consolidate information and complete two letters to the editor of a magazine.



solve problems    make friends with  try to be kind to people

try one’s best to do sth.   next to


Can you describe ChengLong?

(                                                          )

He is a Social Worker.(汉语意思:_______________)


1、为人们歌唱                 2、听取别人的问题

3、解决问题                    4、交朋友

5、环游世界                    6、尽力做某事

7、长大                        8、看起来爱好体育的


【知识点1】social  adj. 社会的 

〖词语联想〗society n. 社会, 团体    socialism  n.  社会主义

◎     活学活用

1.你长大了想当一名社会工作者吗?Do you want to be a        worker when you grow up?

2.中国是一个社会主义国家China is a         country.

【知识点2】future adj. 将来的   n. 将来,未来

 〖常用搭配〗in the future 在将来  in future 以后,今后=from now on

◎     活学活用

1.       谁能知道将来会发生什么事情?

Who can tell what will happen                       ?

2.以后做作业要更加仔细.                ,be more careful with your homework.

【知识点3】famous ==well-known  adj.著名的

 〖常用搭配〗be famous for=be known for因……而出名,闻名

  be famous as 以……(身份)出名,as后常接表示职业的名词

  be famous to 对……来说是著名的, 其后常接人

◎     活学活用

1)北京因为长城而著名.Beijing                     the Great Wall.

2)作为一个作家,鲁迅在中国很有名.Luxun         a writer in China.

3)对年轻人而言,电影明星是著名的.Film stars       the young people.

【知识点4】agree  v. 同意,赞成

〖拓展应用〗agree with, agree to和agree on的区别

1)agree with “同意某人或某人的看法,意见”,既可以接人又可以接物; agree with后接人或物做宾语,也可以表示 “适合……”

2)agree to 对……同意或赞成,后接计划、提议、请求、决定

3)agree on 双方就 “某物”达成协议,后跟某事物作宾语=agree on doing sth

◎     活学活用

1.我真的不能同意你I really can’t              you.

2. 请同意这项安排  Please                  this arrangement.

3. 我们同意了汽车的价格 We           the price of the car.

【知识点5】It’s +adj.+(for sb) to do sth==To do sth +is+adj.



It’s +adj+of sb+to do sth==Sb(主格)+is/am/are+adj+to do sth

〖诠释〗此处形容词通常是形容人的内在品质特征的词,如:clever, good, kind, generous, selfish, nice, silly,如:

It’s nice of you(=You are nice) to bring me the newspaper.

It’s silly of him not to forgive me for my mistakes.=He is silly

not to forgive me for my mistakes.


It’s generous        you to share your things with me.

A to     B. of     C. for     D. with

【知识点6】在if 引导的条件状语从句中, 如果从句用一般现在时, 那么主句用一般将来时,简称


〖拓展应用〗如果if引导的从句位于句首, 那么和主句之间要用逗号隔开

.与if从句时态运用类似的还有连接词as soon as, when, before, until, after等引导的时间状语从句 .

◎     活学活用

1.如果明天不下雨,我们将去游泳If it         tomorrow, we            .

2 如果他回来请打电话给我.Please             if he              .

3. 下次我一看见她就告诉你.I        you as soon as I          next time.


一、听录音Listen about Millie’s future plans

Find out what Millie would like to do in the future


三、小组讨论  What is Millie like? What does she want to do?


Dear Editor

My name is Millie. I am a Grade 8 student. I always try to be_____

to people. I have many friends in my class. I feel unhappy when my

friends are sad. I try my best to help them. I would like to be a social

 worker when I grow up. Then I can ______to people’s problems and

help them solve their ______.I will be happy if I can make people



五、Millie would like to be a social worker to make people happy,

Sandy also wants to make others happy.


Dear Editor

I am really happy to tell you about my future plans. I like singing and

I want to be a singer. It is great to______for people. I’d like to make

people______ .My favourite _____is Britney Spears. I want to be as______as

she is when I grow up. I hope to become a famous singer and _____ around the world

inthe future.

六、Speak Up:talking about friends


1  What is Peter like?   2  What would Peter like to be when he grows up? 

3  Does Peter look sporty?



一.     汉语翻译成英语:

1.帮助人们解决问题 ____________  2. 交朋友 ____________________

3.倾听烦恼 __________________    4. 左边的男孩 ________________

5.和他一样受欢迎 ____________    6. 尽全力做某事 ______________

7.既友好又乐于帮助人 __________  8. 感到不高兴 ________________

二.     完成下列句子:








7. 他们想今天完成这个工作。They ______________________today.

8 他认为帮助别人是好事。He thinks____________________________.

9 姚明看上去是爱好运动的。Yao Ming __________________________.

10他想和刘翔一样受欢迎。 He wants to_____________________ Liu Xiang.


I hope __________________________________.


1  I think he is right. (改为否定句)


2  She is more famous than any other star in China. (用最高级改写句子)


3  Helping others in need is great. (改为同义句)


4  My favorite subject is English.(改为同义句)


5         He is polite and helpful.(对划线部分提问)


三、 单词拼写。

1. ---How long did you spend s______this problem ? ---About half an hour.

2. ---I want to be a doctor in the _____(将来)。---So do I .(我也是)

3. Your idea is great, I_________ (同意) with you.

4. Jim is the _________ (高) one of the twin brothers.

5.China is f___   _for the Great Wall. Would you like to go there with me ?



一、填词。(like, alike, the same as, be different from, more….than, fewer…than,

less…than, the least, the most, the fewest)

1.I like my parents very much but we are not _______. I am ______my uncle.

2.My best friend Lucy and I are in the same grade, so her uniform is ______


3.May came first in the test because she made _____ mistakes on the testing


4.The style of our school buildings is very special. It ______any other building

in most schools.

5.He who got __________ points in the last match season will be rewarded.

6.Most European(欧洲的)families have ____ children ______ Asian(亚洲的)


7.I have_____free time_____Sandy because I must go to 3 clubs but she only

goes to 1 club after class.

8.There is _________ rain in South China _____ in North China in summer.

9.He has __________ money of us all.

10.What does it look _________ in your opinion?


Michel is a young girl who works for the police as a handwriting expert(专家.

She has helped catch many criminals(罪犯)by using her special talents(天才).

When she was fourteen, Michel was already __1___ interested in the

differences in her friends’____2___ that she would spend hours ___3___ them.

After finishing college she went to France for a __4__two-year class in

handwriting at the School of Police Science.

Michel says that it is  5  for people to hide their handwriting, She can

discover(发现) most of what she needs to know simply __6___ looking at

the writing with her own eyes, but she also has machines that help her make

___7__ different kinds of paper and ink. This knowledge is often of great help to

the police.

Michel believes that handwriting is a good _8____ of what kind of person

the __9__ is. “I wouldn’t go out with a fellow(同事) if I didn’t like his

handwriting ,” she says. But she adds she __10____ in love with her future

husband, a young policeman before she studied his handwriting. It is later proved

(被证实)to be all right, however.

(   )1. A. so      B. too                        C. quite               D. very

(   )2 A. books          B. letter               C. appearance    D. handwriting

(   )3.A. writing   B. studying       C. learning           D. remembering

(   )4.A. usual   B. important        C. special            D. common

(   )5. A. possible  B. possibly       C. impossible      D. unable

(   )6.A. with           B. by                  C. of                  D. about

(   )7.A. up       B. out                 C. for                 D. into

(   )8.A. test    B. sign               C. means           D. habit

(   )9.A. thief           B. criminal          C. writer             D. policeman

(   )10 A. fall    B. fell                C. feels             D. falls



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