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8A Unit2 Reading (2)  

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水泗初级中学 八 年级 英语 学科教学案

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8A Unit2 Reading (2)


2010年   月   日




第 3  课时







1.  To understand the structure of each passage。

2.  To recite the passage


To use the sentences in the passage to talk or write about school lives


To use the sentences in the passage to talk or write about school lives and focus on the language points


句型:1I like learning how to cook and sew.____________

2 I know how to cook healthy and tasty meals._____________ _

3This is great because it takes less time than taking the bus._______________

4We always have a great time talking to each other.__________________

5What does the word “hero” mean?/ It means someone you admire

very much._________________

6Students in 12th grade are called seniors.____________________ _

7Reading Week is always too short because we want to read all our

classmates’ books as well.                           

8We can even bring in books and magazines from home, but we have to tell

our English teacher what we are reading.___________________________


1.In a mixed school, boys and girls have lessons together.

2. John likes Home Economics best of all.

3. He knew how to cook healthy and tasty meals before coming to this school.

4.There is a Reading Week in his school every year.

5. The students can read any books from the school library, but they can’t bring in books from home.

6. Students must not talk in class during Reading Week

7. They think Reading Week is too short because they want to read more books.

【知识点1】close adj. 密切的, 亲密的; 紧靠的,靠近 v. 关闭

〖词语联想〗closed adj. 关闭的(反义词open); 常用搭配为:a close friend 一位密友, be close to 靠近,离……很近

◎     活学活用

1. 他是我的一位亲密朋友.He is my             friend.

2.他住得离我很近. He                   me.

【知识点2】admire v. 敬佩, 羡慕

 〖词语联想〗admiring adj. 羡慕的; 〖常用搭配〗admire sb for sth 羡慕

◎     活学活用

1.在你们班你最羡慕谁?Who do you          most in your class?

2.我羡慕你的书法.I           you          your handwriting.

3.他投给我羡慕的眼光.He gave me an           look.

【知识点3】an article by a girl 一个女孩写的文章

 〖注意事项〗 by   prep.被, 由

1.       世界上哪一种语言说的人最多?Which language is spoken              

 of people in the world?

2. 我正在读一个著名英国作家写的故事.I’m reading  a story       a famous English write.

【知识点4】at the age of 在……岁时

〖注意事项〗at the age of=at +年龄=when sb.+be+年龄

◎     活学活用

1.16岁时她开始独自谋生.                      , she began to make a living by herself.


1.       At the age of seven, I went to school.

==I went to school                . ==I went to school           .

【知识点5】What does…mean?

【句型公式】What does…mean?=What’s the meaning of…?=What do you mean by…?……是什么意思?

◎     活学活用

What            the word “selfish”          ?

=What’s                     the word “selfish”?

=What do you                the word “selfish”?


1.a mixed school: adj. 混合的 mix: v. 使…混合/融合

2. near the end of each class:每堂课快结束的时候

eg: at the end of the street/party   (at the beginning of…)  

in the end=finally=at last

3. …because we want to …books as well

as well/too: 也(常用于肯定句,放在句末)

4. Twice a week, I play softball after school.

对Twice a week提问用 How often…?   类似的短语有(once a week, three

times a year, often, usually, always, seldom, never, sometimes…)

5. …I spend a lot of time practicing.

* spends + 时间/金钱 + on sth/(in) doing sth   It takes + sb + 时间 + to do

  Sth costs sb + 金钱/精力     pay for;   

* practice=practise: v. 练习  ~ doing

6. tell/ask sb to do sth 告诉某人做某事  否定形式是 tell / ask sb not to do sth

动词不定式 (not )to do做宾语sb的宾语补足语,want sb to do sth想某




一. 根据句意和所给单词填空

In a __________(mix) school, boys and girls have lessons together.
Lin Tao goes to the country to see his grandparents _______(two) a month.
The dishes in the restaurant are very _______(taste). We often   go there.
I am old enough to look after _______(I). You needn’t worry  about me.
What’s the _________(long) of your desk? It’s about one meter.
We always have a great time _______(chat) with each other.
___________(take) a bus is much faster than walking,
Quiet! The students __________ (have) an English class.
Could you tell me how _________(get) to the hospital?
My mother asks us _________(not watch) too much TV.


你为什么不呆在家里呢?    ________ ________ you stay at home?

Please _____ _____the answers to these questions.

They go to England ________ ________ ________ .
现在我知道怎样学好数学。Now I ____ ______ ____ ____Maths well.
我喜欢物理,因为它很有趣。 I like Physics ____ ____ ____ ____ .
她每天花很多的时间练习汉语She___ ____ ____ ___Chinese every day.                                 
玛丽经常帮我学习英语。 Mary often ______ ______ ______ ______ .  
我比汤姆有更多的空余时间。 I have_____ ______ ______ ______ Tom.


1.在8年级     ________________

2.. 校园生活 ___________________

3.我最喜爱的科目 ______________

4.一所混合型的学校 ___________

5.烧健康美味的饭菜 ____________

6.如何烧饭缝补 _______________

7.每堂课要结束时 ______________

8. 带入         _______________

9.看报纸和杂志 _______________

10 上驾驶课     _______________

11. 在……玩得开心 _____________

12. 在……(方面)帮助…… _______

13. 也            ______________

14 一个亲密的朋友 ____________








1.       Boys and girls have lessons together in a school. It’s _____________________.

2.       The pretty girl is good at sing, and dancing ___________________.

3.       Can I _____________________ my books and magazines from my home?

4.       Bill often _____________ me __________ my Maths.

5.       Do you know Home Economics? It can tell you ______________________.

6.       During the summer holiday, we always_____________________ traveling.

7.       You can make lots of friends in ______________________.

8.       I have __________________. Her name is Susan.

八. 用as well, too, either, also 填空:

1.       I like this color, I like that color __________.

2.       Sandy in my friend. Kate is my friend, ___________.

3.       I ________ want to read the computer books.

4.       John doesn’t like basketball, _________.




(   ) 1. Tom! Don’t play with your toy alone. You must learn to ________.

       A. have fun     B. play       C. share      D. enjoy yourself

(   ) 2. There’s ________ in the fridge.

      A. many vegetables   B. few noodles  C. little paper   D. a little meat

(   ) 3. I can even _______ in South China in winter.

    A. eat ice-cream    B. being cold   C. to wear skirt   D. watch TV

(   ) 4. The child felt happy _______ he could stay at home with his parents.

       A. as      B. because of     C. because      D. but

(   ) 5. Our teacher always helps ________our study and life.

       A. us to     B. we with      C. us for      D. us with

(   ) 6. Miss Gao’s ______ sister works in No.1 Middle School.

       A. old     B. older          C. eld           D. elder

(   ) 7. Students always have a good time _______ each other.

       A. talk with    B. talking to     C. to talk     D. talking

(  )8.I like the TV channel with funnier programmes but ____advertisements.

       A. few    B. fewer       C. little         D. less

(   )9. ______ most students, he never comes to school late.

A. Like   B. As   C. For   D. To

(   )10. Please do it _____ I told you.

A. like   B. as    C. according    D. for

(   )11. A lot of people tried their best, but ______ people won the price.

A. a few   B. few    C. little     D. a little

(   )12. Everyone lives _____ now.

A. a happy life   B. happy life    C. happy lives    D. happy living

(   )13. It will be ______ before he gets better.

A. sometimes    B. some time    C. some times    D. sometime



   Once, there lived a woodman and his wife l______near a forest. One day,

when the woodman was a_______to cut a tree, a fairy(仙女)a_______ , saying

she would let him and his wife have wishes if he didn’t hurt the tree. The

woodman a_______ and the fairy disappeared.

   When he got home, he was very hungry, so he wished to have a big sausage.

His wife was s______ to see a sausage. When she learn the story about the

fairy, she was a_______ with his husband. She said she w_______the sausage

were stuck to her husband’s nose. As n_______ of them could pull the sausage

off the nose, they wished nothing had h____   . Surely, the three wishes were

wasted. And the woodman owned nothing at a_______.




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