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8A Unit2 Vocabulary教案  

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水泗初级中学 八  年级 英语 学科教学案

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8A Unit2 Vocabulary


2010年   月   日




第  4 课时








1.     To recognize and use nouns and noun phrases to identify school subjects

2.     To relate words and picytres to develop learning by association.


 1.To introduce new adjectives and revise adjetives to express


2.To use adjectives to form opposites      


To encourage the students to talk about the subjects, focusing how they like each subjects


根据短文内容及首字母的提示, 填入所缺的单词, 使短文意思完整.

Nancy is 14 years old. She is in 9th g____ at Rocky Mountain High

School. Her brother Denver had d____ lessons last year. It’s great for her

because he drives her to school every day. It’s f____than taking a bus. She

plays s____twice a week. She spends lots of time p____. Every Monday she

goes to a b____club. Her buddy is Julie. Julie h____ Nancy learn all

about her new school. She helps Nancy with her homework and listens to her

p___. Nancy thinks Julie is a h____. During lunchtime, she has a good

time t____with her friends. Sometimes, they go to shopping malls after school.


1.interseting              2. difficult             

3. happy             4. long           5. popular              

6. useful            7. slim             8.different             

9.important          10.careful            11. few           

12. possible         13. correct           14. rich          

【知识点1】art n. 美术,艺术

〖词语联想〗artist n. 美术家,画家   〖常用搭配〗works of art艺术品


1.我们研究法国早期的艺术品.We studied the                  of the early France.

2. 他是中国的一位著名画家.He is a famous                 in China.

【知识点2】language n. 语言



1. 人类的语言一直在变化.Human’s              is changing all the time.

2.他在学习两种外国语.He is learning two                   .

【知识点3】science   n. 科学

〖词语联想〗scientist n.科学家


1. 将来你想成为科学家吗?Do you want to be                       ?

2. 他对科学感兴趣.He’s interested in          .

【知识点4】useful adj. 有用的, 有益的

 〖词语联想〗useless  adj.无用的; used adj. 用过的,二手的


1. 对于一个人来说学会游泳非常有用..It’s very        for a person to learn to swim.

2. 钱总是有用的.Money is always        .

3. 你所做的毫无用处.What you have done is             .

4. 你可以在这个市场买到二手电脑.You can buy the             computer in this market

【知识点5】opposite  n.相反的人或物  adj. 相反的  prep 在…对面

〖常用搭配〗opposite(to) 在…对面


1.黑与白是相反的颜色. Black and white are             .

2. 我家在我们学校对过.My house              our school.




Step1.Giving a very general revision

      Just give a very general revision and get the students to talk about the special subjects in British and American schools.

Step2. Naming the subjects

      Get the students to name the subjects that they have at school and write the names on the Bb.Help students expand their active vocabulary about school subjects.

Step3.Finishing PartA on page 23.

Step4. Designing an English Lesson Table

     Encourage the students to design an English Lesson Table.Let  the students work in groups and get them to report the lessons they have from Monday to Friday.

Step5.Do a survery

     Ask the students which subjects are their favourite, and encourage them to speak out their reasons.

Step6.Find the opposites of the adjectives

     Encourage the students to find the opposites of the adjectives.





too  as well   either    also

1.       I like English, and I like Maths _______.

2.       Timmy is my friend. Cindy is my friend, ________.

3.       What an interesting book! I ________ want to buy one.

4.       If you don’t go there, I won’t ________.

tell  speak   say   talk

5.       Would you please ______ something about your family life?

6.       If you keep practicing ________ English after class, you’ll get high marks.

7.       Sarah ______ a lot with her friends last night.

8.       What did he _______ you to do just now?

sometime  some time    sometimes   some times

9.       I ______walk to school in the morning.

10.   It’ll take you ________ to finish the work all by yourself.

11.   It is said that a famous scientist will come to our school _________ in May.

12.   I called you ________ yesterday, but there was no reply.


1. This old computer is _______(use). You’d better buy a new one.

2. It’s wrong to think Maths is ________ (important).

3. Jim did his homework so ________(careful) that he made many mistakes.

4. Hip Hop is becoming more and more ______in big cities, but it is still

_______ in faraway villages. (popular)

5. The film is so _______(bore) that nobody in our class likes it.

III. 句型转换

1.       I have twenty yuan. He has fifteen yuan. (合并为一句)

He has _________ ________ than I.

2.       I like Geography best of all the subjects. (改为同义句)

Geography is ________ _________ ________.

3.       The little boy knows how he can make people happy. (改为同义句)

The little boy knows how _______ _______ people happy.

4.       I will go to school in my brother’s car every day. (改为同义句)

My brother will ______ ______ ______ _______ every day.

5.       We enjoyed ourselves on Children’s Day. (改为同义句)

We _______ ________ _______ ________ on Children’s Day.

IV. 选用方框中所给词组的适当形式填空

cook healthy and tasty meals   bring in   read newspapers and magazines help sb. with   drive sb. to school  spend much time

1.       My mother bought a car last week. She will ________from this week on.

2.       I would like to have Home Economics next term because I want to learn

_________ for my family.

3.       I’d like ________when I am free. I can get useful information from them.

4.       David likes Computer studies. He often ________ working on his computer.

5.       My English is poor, but Linda is good at it. She often _______my English.

6.       During the Reading Week, the teacher asks us_____some books and

magazines from home.

V. 根据中文提示完成下列句子,每空填一词

1.  英语是最重要的学科之一。English is one of _____ _____ _____ _____.

2.  我们喜欢家政课,因为我们对烹饪和缝纫感兴趣。

We like Home Economics because we _____ ____ ____ ____ and _____.

3.  那部无聊的电影根本不受欢迎。That ________ film is not _________ at all.

4.  在地理课上,我们能学到许多关于人类、国家和植物(的知识)。

____ ____ ____ _____, we can learn much about people, countries and plants.

5.  汉语是一门重要的语言,很多人努力学好它。

Chinese is _____ _____ _____ _____.Many people try ____ ____ _____ ____.

7.       我想知道如何算出这道数学题。

I want to know _____ ____ ____ ______this Maths problems.

8.       我喜欢课后学习如何做健康可口的美食。

I like learning ____ ____ ____ ____and _____meals after class.

9.       这太好了,因为它花的时间比坐公共汽车少。

This is great because it ______ ______ _____ _______ _______ the bus.



1. American people usually call lift e__________ in English.

2. I was a junior student two years ago. But now I am a s_______ student.

3             (乘) a bus is much faster than walking,

4. Eating _______(health) is good for you.

5. He studies fewer ____________ (科目) than I。

6.He can speak more than three ___________ (语言).

7.Can you find out some ___________ (不同) between these two pictures ?

8.Nancy says Julie and Judy are her _______ (英雄).

9.Did Tom and his buddy enjoy ______ (他们) at the party ?

10. In the past, I ____________(敬佩) the popular singers very much.

二、同义句改写 (10分)

1. Mr Read is the thinnest of the three.

Mr Read is ___________ than ________ ___________ two.

2. Tom is 9. His brother is 7

  Tom is _______  _____________of __________ _______________ brothers.

3. What does “favourite ” mean?

 What _____  _______  _______  _______ “favourite”?

4.Amy’s uniform is blue. Betty’s uniform is blue.

 Amy’s uniform is ______ _______ _______ _______ Betty’s uniform.

5.My cousin speaks English. He also speaks French.

 My cousin speaks English and French _______ ___________.

6. Jim does his homework less carefully than Peter.

Jim doesn’t ______ his homework _____  ____________ _____ Peter.


A businessman had worked too much. He found that he couldn’t s  __   

at night, but often fell asleep d  ___the day. He became very w  ____,

so he went to see his doctor

  “Can you help me, doctor?” he asked, “I used to sleep so well, but

now I sleep l  ___ than two hours at night.” The doctor looked him over

c  __  , gave him some tests, asked him to work less hard, and told him

to take some medicine to help him. The doctor said he was sure that the

man was not seriously ill. And he would soon be w_______.

But the businessman’s illness grew w  __ . He slept even less than

before at night and was still falling asleep in his office. It t  ___

the doctor some time to find out the r  __ : the businessman’s wife was 

g____ him the sleeping medicine in the morning and the medicine to keep

him awake at night.

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